What we do….

At Willow Quay Consulting we utilize our knowledge, experience, and skills to create a process for improving organizations.  We provide a custom tailored approach and methods to organizations seeking to improve profitability, productivity, morale and/or quality of work life.  The process is carefully planned and implemented to benefit the organization, its employees and its stakeholders.  We work with you to help your organization in the areas of Organizational Development, Change Management, and Team Building improving organizational culture and performance.

The ways in which people communicate and work together are addressed concurrently with technical or transitional issues that need resolution.  This is accomplished through Organization Restructuring, Team Building, Group Facilitation, Creative Problem solving, Conflict Resolution, High Involvement Work Teams, and Interpersonal Communication activities.  The organization is assessed to create an understanding of the current situation and to identify opportunities for change that will meet business objectives.

Our Philosophy and Approach…. 

  •  We work with leaders and their organizations who want to take responsibility, think strategically,and act courageously to create organizational cultures that invite, supports, and reward their employee’s contributions.
  •  No amount of talking or studying can substitute for hands-on learning. We use an experiential, learn-by-doing approach whenever possible. This ensures knowledge gained is relevant and transferable to the workplace.
  •  Competence and responsibility are central to all of our designs. Our commitment is to help leaders and employees develop their strengths, as well as the confidence to use them successfully.

What is the next step?

 Identify your most important leadership, team or people-related issue that needs practical and effective guidance.

 We can help, so call us at 1-316-655-0744 or email skeeter@willowquay.com.

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